ELAFLEX expansion joints, available in South Africa and Africa from Truco, are moulded single sphere-type rubber bellows with swivelling metal flanges. They will enhance the durability and longevity of your pipe systems by reducing stress caused by vibration, noise and dynamic movements.

ELAFLEX expansion joints are available in a range of configurations:

Available in EPDM, NBR, Hypalon ,Neoprene or other materials
DN from 25 - 1 000 mm, various lengths
PN 10 - 25 bar, depending on size / type
Temp. range: -40° to 130° C

ELAFLEX bellows range includes solutions for a variety of fluids, including abrasive, air, chemicals, drilling, food, fuels, gas, oils and water. Manufactured in Germany with premium-quality materials and manufacturing process, ELAFLEX bellows are known for their reliability and longevity.

Why ELAFLEX bellows?

Hose fittings from Truco are designed and manufactured to provide numerous benefits:

Low reaction forces and low inherent resistance
Large range of axial, lateral and angular movement permitted
Absorb tensions caused by thermal expansion
Absorb tensions caused by ground movement
Suitable as a pipe insert / expansion piece
Excellent noise dampeners, reduce vibrations
Help equalise pipe assembly inaccuracies

Serious about maximising your pipeline service life?

You'll find ELAFLEX expansion joints in use across the world, in such applications as civil and navy ship construction, drinking water, foodstuffs, heating and gas supply installations. Here are some of the reasons why ELAFLEX is an industry favourite:

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