ELAFLEX specialised hose from Truco consists of ELAFLEX marine hose, refuelling hose, chemical hose and pharmaceutical hose. ELAFLEX specialised hoses, German-engineered and tailored for refuelling equipment and safe connections, have been setting liquid handling equipment standards since inception in 1923.

All ELAFLEX specialised hoses are available from Truco, one of ELAFLEX's distribution partners for Africa. Refuelling hoses require the highest safety standards, which are easily met when using the ELAFLEX brand. Competent hose design, engineering and production means that all ELAFLEX hoses meet and exceed these high safety standards. In addition, these specialised hoses:

are designed for a long service life
suit a variety of requirements
are flexible and lightweight
traditionally surpass most industry standards
are available in Africa from Truco

Comprehensive ranges of ELAFLEX fittings and couplings for its specialised range of hoses are also available from Truco.

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Truco's ELAFLEX specialised hose range

ELAFLEX Chemical Hoses

ELAFLEX Pharmaceutical Hoses

ELAFLEX Marine Hoses

ELAFLEX Refuelling Hoses


ELAFLEX Chemical Hoses

ELAFLEX Chemical Hoses

Consists of Universal hoses, Speciality hoses and PAL Chemical hoses.

Universal: designed for multiple applications

Suited to a broad range of media

Nominal pressure 16 bar

Burst pressure > 64 bar

Speciality: highly flexible premium chemical hoses with specific properties

Ideal for a variety of requirements

Temperature ranges from -40 to 100° C (hose dependent)

PAL: 5 in the range: 2 universal, 2 classical & 1 solvent

ELAFLEX Pharmaceutical Hoses

ELAFLEX Pharmaceutical Hoses

Elapharm is the brand name for this range, designed specifically for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Ideal for transferring chemicals & foodstuffs

Homogenous elastomer hose construction

Smooth Teflon PTFE lining

Working pressure across the range: 0.8 bar (vacuum) up to 16 bar

Adheres to the highest requirements for hygiene, cleanliness, easy cleaning and universal application possibilities.

ELAFLEX Marine Hoses

ELAFLEX Marine Hoses

This range incorporate the important changes to EN 1765 - electrical continuity and attachment of fittings, both enhancing hose safety.

Bunkering hoses without helix for petroleum-based products

Cargo hoses with helix for petroleum-based products

Cargo hoses for other media

Composite cargo hoses suitable for a wide range of media

ELAFLEX Refuelling Hoses

ELAFLEX Refuelling Hoses

Incorporates the Yellow Band, the company's mark standard-setting refuelling hoses.

Swell-resistant lining

Soluble- discolour-resistant

Flexible at low temperatures

abrasion- and weather-resistant cover

Range comprises:

Fuelling hose without helix

Tank Truck hose with steel helix

Aviation refuelling hose

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide. Click here.

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