Fire hose products from Truco are sourced from leading manufacturers around the world to provide fire brigades, emergency services and fire hydrants with fully-compliant fire hose solutions. Whether reinforced for foam or water, or configured for other specialised high-pressure applications, Truco will find the right fire hose for your application.

Fire hose products can be specified to meet a range of standards, including:

Orange Arrow Right Fire hose for engines and hydrants
Orange Arrow Right Fire hose ratings from 8 bar to 20 bar
Orange Arrow Right Burst ratings above 80 bar (as per fire hose standards)
Orange Arrow Right Fire hose products for fire-retardant foam and/or water
Orange Arrow Right Synthetic fibre-reinforced fire hose designs
Orange Arrow Right Fire hose for indoor and outdoor applications

For a fire hose that withstands tough underground welding applications, see our Oxygen & Acetylene Hose

Types of fire hose products available through Truco include attack fire hose, supply and relay fire hose, forestry fire hose, booster fire hose and suction hoses.

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide. Click here.

As one of South Africa's largest manufacturers and distributors of high-quality hoses, Truco will specify, price and manage the shipment of fire hose products for your convenience. Complete the enquiry form now or call +27 11 762 5291

Synthetic fibre-reinforced fire hose helps to provide additional hose strength and improve resistance to abrasion. Fire hose products are also available with a range of coatings and liners, which provide resistance to high temperatures, chemicals abrasion, mould and UV (ultraviolet radiation) - depending on the application.

Why choose Truco as your fire hose supplier?

Truco is one of South Africa's largest hose manufacturers, and is the only local manufacturer of large bore hoses. With a stringent procurement process, Truco also imports a wide variety of hoses, including fire hose products, for an extensive range of applications in mining, agriculture and industrial sectors.

The company's track record spans over 100 years in South Africa. With over 60 large-scale mining projects relying on hoses from Truco throughout Africa, the company further features an extensive footprint across the continent. Fire hose solutions are also available from Truco throughout Africa.

Truco will gladly specify, price and manage the shipment of fire hose solutions
for your convenience. Enquire now or call +27 11 762 5291

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