Hose manufacturer Truco is Africa's leading larg bore hose manufacturer and distributors of large and small bore hose for mining and industry. We specialise in industrial hose for use in the mining, industrial, petrochemical, water and fire industries.

Truco is South Africa's largest local hose manufacturer, producing and supplying an extensive range of hoses. These include a range of rubber, composite, layflat, PVC and industrial hoses.

As a leading local hose manufacturer and distributor, Truco has built its reputation on its ability to innovate, designing new hose solutions for challenging applications, and supplying hoses that exceed customer expectations.

Why buy from SA's leading hose manufacturers?

Large stockholding for short delivery
Extensive distribution throughout South Africa and Africa
Competitive pricing for large or small bore hose
Industrial hose customised to your application
Wide application versatility, from food and beverage to mining

Contact SA's leading hose manufacturer, Truco, for a high-quality industrial hose, tailored to your specifications! Send us an enquiry here.

Other hose products from Truco

Abrasive material hoses
Bunkering hoses
Chemical hoses
Concrete placement hoses
Dredger hoses
Drill rig hoses
Ducting hoses
Fish pump hoses
Food and beverage hoses
Monitor gun hoses
Oil hoses
Oxygen and acetylene hoses
Pulp and slurry hoses
Sand and shotblast hoses
Ducting hoses
Shaft sinking hoses

More than an industrial hose manufacturer:

In addition to our extensive range of industrial hose, we also manufacture a range of industrial rubber products to suit any mining or industrial application. These products include:

Get the ideal hose for your application requirements from Truco - South Africa's largest hose manufacturer.

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