Truco is the largest manufacturer of large bore rubber hose in Africa! Our range of large bore hose is designed to withstand the internal and external abrasions of material transfer in slurry and dredging applications.

We manufacture and supply a range of hand-built hoses for the dredge, underground and open cast mining and industrial sectors.

Designed for mining, quarrying, agriculture, construction, bulk storage, transport and irrigation industries among others, Truco large bore rubber hoses are used in air, water, petrochemical, oil, gas and numerous other applications.

Why use Truco large bore rubber hose?

All large bore hose are custom-manufactured to suit your application requirements

Large bore hose up to 1 200 mm internal diameter

Pressure ratings up to 4 000 kPa

Operating temperature range from -40° to 150° C

Truco supplies large bore hose to most mining companies in Africa!

As a supplier of complete rubber hose solutions, Truco provides various accessories, along with hose fittings and clamps for the range of large bore hoses. Enquire, or phone +27 11 762 5291 now for specification advice, plans and pricing!


Pulp and Slurry Hoses

Pulp and slurry hoses

Truco pulp and slurry hoses are available in hard wall and soft wall and are manufactured to withstand suction and delivery of typical materials such as coal, copper, iron, phosphate concentrates, limestone, lead, zinc, nickel, bauxite and mineral sands. Truco's large diameter pulp and slurry hoses are constructed with UV and weather-resistant outer covers.

Used in high-pressure mining applications

Ideal for cement plants, salt works and agricultural applications where high abrasions are present

Working pressure of up to 4 000 kPa

Operating temperatures of - 20°C to +85°C

Extreme operating temperatures of - 40°C to +150°C

Nominal bores from 25mm up to 1 200mm

Lengths up to 20m, dependent on bore

A range of inner liner compounds dependent on specific applications is available

View pinch valve sleeve and slurry bellows below - ideal for pulp and slurry hoses

Flange ends include standard, rotating and Truco's patented double flange design.

Slurry hose lines are also used to transport tailings from a mineral processing plant, after the ore has been processed, to dispose of the remaining material.

Slurry Bellows

Slurry bellows:

Truco offers a range of slurry bellows that act as an expansion joint compensator in your large bore hose.

This range of customised, wear-resistant bellows is manufactured according to your specifications and is ideal for operations where standard stock bellows wear out too quickly or are not fit for purpose.

Truco Slurry Bellows are designed to solve unique problems on site, and include the following solutions not applicable to standard stock bellows:

High wear rate

Aggressive and corrosive chemicals

Exaggerated axial and lateral movement

Excessive vibration

High thermal expansion

Liner options include:

Abrasive resistant rubber



Steel rings


Not sure of what you require? Come and talk to our expert engineers, who can help design a solution to your onsite issues.

Dredger Hoses

Dredger hoses

Truco supplies all the major dredge mining operations in Africa with high-quality, heavy-duty dredge hoses. These hoses are available with a variety of inner wear liners and liner thicknesses depending on the dredging conditions. The dredger hoses are designed to limit elongation and dilation from 0% to 2% under required working pressure.

Ideal for all dredging applications (mining, harbours and salt works)

Used in extremely high-wear applications

Truco is able to inset wear-resistant steel rings into hose for high abrasion applications

Inner bores up to 1 200 mm

Pressure ratings up to 2 000 kPa with a 4:1 safety factor

Flange configurations include a D-ring (beaded ring) and Truco's patented double flange design

Available with Truco's two-piece LDPE hose flotation system

Pinch Valve Sleeve

Pinch Valve Sleeves

Truco pinch valve sleeves are ideal for slurry lines, water applications and water pipelines. We understand the perceived quality of a pinch valve is directly related to the performance of its sleeve, and therefore design sleeves that provide optimal performance for the required application, through the use of the best materials available in the market.

Sleeves can be supplied with customised branding.

Truco can manufacture sleeves to fit all the leading brands in the pinch valve market, and by producing the sleeves locally, reduces lead times and costs related to imported sleeves.

Truco pinch valve sleeves are manufactured to fit all types of pinch valves including polyester and steel cord reinforced types from 25 mm to 500 mm in diameter.

Truco can design sleeves to fit your unique pinch valve requirements, and our experts provide advice on the rubber type best suited to your applications which include abrasive resistant NR, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Gum, and Butyl rubbers.

Truco's range of large bore hose is used by most mining companies in Africa! Its manufactured and sourced large bore hoses comply with ISO quality standards.