Truco continues to serve the African hose fittings and clamps market with the addition of this range of NORMA® products, providing a truly single-source supply for any fluid transfer application!

Truco is an authorised distributor of NORMA® hose clamps and pipe connectors in Africa. We carry critical stock to lower your operational downtime!


Norma Clamps


Hose clamp & sealing systems

This range of hose clamps is an ideal solution for clamping of hose made of different materials, including rubber and plastic hose, rubber sleeves on pipe ends or connecting spigots.

The NORMACLAMP® product range offers a broad range of unique high quality hose clamps, from standard products with or without spring element or specialised or heavy-duty clamps.

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Norma Connect


Pipe connection technology

The NORMACONNECT® range includes pipe coupling solutions for pipes in various applications and materials.

The range includes both axial non-resistant and axial resistant connections. They are ideal for joining plastic and steel pipes, and can be made specifically to customer requirements.

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Norma Fix


Pipe retaining clips & cable ties

This range of NORMAFIX® products includes pipe retaining clips, metal cable ties and perforated bands for all kinds of fastening and retaining applications: pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other lines.

It also includes a specialised polyamide plastic cable tie for securing cables in electrical installations, industrial wiring, automotive cabling, marine cabling and panel building.

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NORMA® pipe connection technologies have proven success in the following industries:

Orange Arrow Right Machine building Orange Arrow Right Chemical industry Orange Arrow Right Irrigation systems Orange Arrow Right Ship manufacturing
Orange Arrow Right Railway industry Orange Arrow Right Agricultural machines Orange Arrow Right Building machines Orange Arrow Right Engine manufacturing
Orange Arrow Right Pump and filter Orange Arrow Right Mining industry Orange Arrow Right Marine industry  

Optimise your pipe joining systems with NORMA®.
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