Customised fitting

Truco customises all rubber mat orders on request. We cut our rubber mats to suit your requirements and, in the case of vehicles, will cast mats into the vehicle to ensure a customised fit for the most awkward shapes.

In the event that clients prefer to make use of their own cutting facilities, rubber mats from Truco are cut to standardised 2 m lengths.

Anti Slip rubber mat

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Rubber mat applications

In addition to those listed above, rubber mats from Truco are ideal for numerous applications. These include, but are not limited to:

Electrical insulation applications

Non-slip surface in wet environments

Noise damping on concrete

Ergonomic flooring

Sterile environments

Indoor shooting ranges

Bakkies and private vehicles

Home, shop, office entrances

Kitchens and food processing areas

Workshops (oil, insulation, etc.)

Change rooms (Shower rooms on mines where safety on tiles is required)

Dart board flooring to protect floors

Loading Areas to protect against impact

Rubber mats to your door

Truco supplies its rubber mats throughout South Africa from three main cities, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, and also supplies them into Africa.

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