Union-type, or twin-sphere, bellows from Truco connect misaligned pipelines. Designed with a unique twin-sphere construction, this bellow facilitates greater flexibility in pipelines than regular, single-sphere bellows.

Compression moulded and joined by union heads and screw-in threads, Truco's union-type bellows absorb the elongation and contraction of steel pipes caused by variations in temperature and prevents the piping system from cracking.

Additionally, our union-type bellows reduce vibration and noise for all types of steel pipes.

Features and benefits:

Ideal for misaligned steel pipelines
Can be used for repairs in existing pipelines
Standard sizes available ex-stock
Custom sizes available on request
Easy installation on all steel pipes
Eliminate vibration and noise from pipework
Delivery within 1 - 2 days from order

Truco warranties its entire range of rubber bellows against inferior quality of material and bad workmanship.


Truco's union-type bellows are available in the following nominal bore (NB) sizes:

Union-type bellows can be used in existing applications!

Owing to their extreme flexibility, Truco's union-type bellows can be used to repair existing pipework in any steel pipeline. In addition, these bellows can be used to connect misaligned steel pipework.

Union-type bellows are made from:

Union type bellows

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