As an official African distributor, Truco supplies the full range of Victaulic mechanical pipe joining products for shouldered pipe.

Victaulic Shouldered Systems benefits

Installation-Ready™ Couplings will improve installation productivity – up to 10 times faster!
Offer system design flexibility
Allow for expansion, contraction and deflection of the piping system
Ideal for abrasive applications
Zero leak path for compressed air systems

These shouldered joining systems are ideal for use in mining, cement and concrete industries.


Truco offers a full range of Victaulic couplings, fittings and valves that are safer and up to 10 times faster than alternative pipe joining methods.


Flexible coupling for shouldered steel pipe

Shouldered Coupling:
Flexible Coupling for Shouldered Steel Pipes

(Order Code: Style SC77)
The Victaulic SC77 Installation-Ready™ coupling installs up to 10 times faster than traditional pipe joining methods.

Joins two shouldered steel pipes

Installation-Ready™ Couplings install without having to disassemble the coupling - eliminating loose parts and ensuring consistent, faster installation

Supplied with galvanised finish for high corrosion resistance & Hot Dip Galvanized Bolt & Nuts

Coupling sizes range from 50 to 300 mm

Withstands pressures up to 4 000 kPa

Shouldered butterfly valve

Shoulder Valves: Shouldered Butterfly Valve

(Order Code: Style SC761)
SC761 series shouldered butterfly valves provide superior flow rates with an off-set centre disc. Designed with ease and simplicity in mind, Victaulic shouldered butterfly valves feature a lower operating torque than most valves in the market.

Designed for bi-directional, dead end services to a full working pressure

Available bare, with gear operator, with leaver lock handle and memory stop or with 10-position handle and memory stop

Sizes ranging from 50 to 200 mm

Pressure rating up to 2068 kPa

Shouldered fittings

Shouldered Fittings

Victaulic shouldered fittings can be lined for abrasive service piping applications. All shouldered fittings are provided with a galvanised finish for high corrosion applications and are for pipe sizes 50-200 mm.

Order Code SC 10 - 90 Elbow

Order Code SC 11 - 45 Elbow

Order Code SC 20 - Tee Shouldered

Oder Code SC 40 - Nipple Shouldered to BSP or NPT

Order Code SC 42 - Nipple Shouldered to Beveled

Order Code SC 44 - Nipple Shouldered to Grooved

As an official African distributor, Truco supplies the full range of Victaulic mechanical pipe joining systems.

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